Brittany Reis & I

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I was lucky enough to have a spontaneous photo shoot with the misses Brittany Reis. What an exciting gal to work with. Find more of Rei’s work HERE.

Miss me? There will be more of me soon!

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Party Pants


With school back in, my outfits have been mainly functional. What’s comfy but still looks put together, basically. These pants have added so much spunk to my closet. Paired with basics, they stand out perfectly.

Pants are from H&M.


Stay unique.

The Perfect Black Bag

The Perfect Black Bag

One. | Two. | Three. | Four. | Five.

Black will never be replaced by any other color.. There’s always some trending color trying to take the place of black, but let’s face it – black will always win. With that being said, I recently realized that a black tote is an essential. I’ve been doing some black shopper- shopping, and here are a few of my top looks.. Yes they all look quite similar. But the prices don’t.

The Skilled Instagram-er : @WithAlohaKamalnai


“I am a 19 year old, adventurous old soul who loves to take pictures of the moments in time that can’t be re-lived, but to be captured in a still to be remembered forever. What inspires me, is life … The fact that you only have one. Taking pictures of all the moments that one makes and sharing it with them so they can have something to smile about on a bad day, inspires me. What inspired my IG was the momentum I have of being different, trying to stand out in a crowd of I guess “the norm”. I was never like everyone else and I was bullied for it, but now I embrace my outside norm. It’s ok to be different and take risks. It’s life. It’s your life. Live it YOUR WAY.”

IG: @WithAlohaKamalnai






Brittany Reis is a photographer from my current state, Hawaii. Her talent in photography is truly shown through her Instagram. Follow her and you really won’t regret her eye for creativity.

Thank you Brittany for letting me share your images.

Thursday Blue.


The lack of breeze has almost made going outside unbearable the past few days. I’m so spoiled by year-round perfect weather that when it’s a little off, I don’t know what to do. In attempt to stay extra cool I’ve been wearing these loose fit distressed shorts from H&M like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so easy to match with a tee and slip-ons.






Shoutout to Princess Leia for the hair inspiration.

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